January e-bulletin

Posted on February 10, 2019 by Peter Donnelly
opening yourself to God [during Centering prayer] you are implicitly
praying for everyone past, present, and future. You are embracing the
whole of creation.
You are accepting all reality, beginning with God 
and with that part
of your own reality of which you may not be generally aware,

namely, the spiritual level of your being.” 

Fr. Thomas Keating, Open Mind, Open Heart

Fr. Thomas Keating: Inviting the Presence of the Divine
A conversation originally recorded in 2008 by Sounds True with Tami Simon
Tami Simon: “We discussed in detail many little deaths that had occurred in his life, including a fire that occurred at his monastery, his resignation from being an abbot, and other events that Father Thomas called “invitations to greater and greater diminishment.” Surrendering and accepting these little deaths anchored Father Thomas in what he describes as a “boundless confidence with nothing to stand on.”    
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