To the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach

Posted on November 10, 2018 by Peter Donnelly

Fr. Thomas Keating
March 7, 1923 – October 25, 2018

Be still
and know
that I am
– Psalm 42

To the worldwide community of Contemplative Outreach,

On November 16 – 17, 2018, in silence and stillness, please join in honoring Fr. Thomas by participating in a 24-hour, worldwide prayer vigil.  Individuals and groups may sign-up for 30-minute segments. All are welcome. You may read more about the vigil and sign-up for a segment here. This vigil coincides with the memorial service in Denver, Colorado on November 16.  (If you are interested in attending or watching this memorial service, you can find details here).

Fr. Thomas Keating memorial video

A beautiful, 19-minute memorial video of is now available on Vimeo (downloadable) and on YouTube.  You may wish to use this video if you are organizing group events.


The diaspora of the Being of Fr. Thomas Keating is happening.  Each of us have already received it  — and will receive more as our consent deepens.  We have been breathed upon.  Now it’s up to us — through our practice, presence and participation, the transformative work of the Spirit will grow, unify and uplift the whole. 
May the will of God be done in and through us.

image courtesy of elpopophoto