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  In the experience of silence, especially if it is deep, you may experience at times a certain pure awareness. Even if it is brief, you are in contact with That Which Is, and this Reality is obviously in love with you.  Thomas Keating God is Love: The Heart of All Creation   Thoughts about […]

December e-bulletin

Blessed are you who believed that what was spoken to you by the Lord would be fulfilled. – Luke 1:45 “The dialogue between our contemplative vision and how we incarnate it is the subject of the beatitude, ‘Blest are the single-hearted for they shall see God.’ The single-hearted see God in themselves, in others and in […]

Katsushika Hokusai, The waterfall of Amida behind the Kiso Road, 1827 “Effortless total receptivity is the best way to be open to God’s guidance. It is like being a container for God. So, for a container to be filled, what is the best response? Emptiness. Openness. It is very simple, but very hard to do. […]

October e-bulletin

“God has made all kinds of creatures. A flower turns its face to the sun, and if it could speak, would say, ‘Here I am.’ Just being a flower is the glory that it gives God. But a human being is made differently … What distinguishes us from the rest of material creation is freedom. […]

Centering Prayer Introductory Programme

Saturday, October 23, 2021 Do you seek the still, quiet voice of God? This Introductory Programme will help us to understand the Indwelling Presence of God within each of us and our intimate relationship with that Presence. The Method of Centering Prayer will be presented. We will explore the benefits of Centering Prayer in ordinary […]

August E-bulletin

image courtesy of Edward Babcock     “If we experience emotional suffering, there is probably something we haven’t quite surrendered yet. If we truly surrender everything we possess, we will know the right thing to do spontaneously, and action inspired by the Spirit is where Centering Prayer is preparing us to go.”  —Thomas Keating,  June […]

July e-bulletin

Our ultimate goal is to integrate the active and contemplative dimensions of reality within us and around us, which some mystics call ever-present awareness, enlightenment, or waking up.  To handle the details of living a human life without being distracted from this primary vision is not attained through thinking, but through what might be called […]

June e-bulletin

“Over the next two weeks, Thomas spent most of the time either asleep or apparently engaged in another world, from which he would occasionally emerge with edifying pronouncements. For instance, I was present to hear him say, ‘I am what I am, and I’m finding out what that is.’ Another time the words were unspoken; as […]

May e-bulletin

“In oneness, there is not more or less; there is only oneness. … One-ing … is always happening. God is not an object or noun as we understand those terms. God just is, is, is. One-ing is to be, to live, and to act. … That God’s will may ‘be done, on earth as it is […]