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November e-bulletin

Alfred Delp, Advent of the Heart, Seasonal Sermons and Prison Writings   Christ was placed in the full human condition that we experience without being able to do much about it. It is an extraordinary expression of love. In other words, when you join me in descending into hell, you help release the prisoners of the […]

October e-bulletin

  The Second Consent of Centering Prayer: Interior Silence ) ” … [This is a] movement beyond the ordinary realms of thinking and judging and commenting and reflecting, and if all the other thoughts dissolve there still is the thought that I have no thoughts. So, the ‘I’ thought is the last bastion of the ego […]

Workshop. Do you seek the still,quiet voice of God.

  Do you seek the still,quiet voice of God. This workshop will help us to understand the Presence of God within each of us and our intimate relationship with that Presence. A simple meditation practice known as Centering Prayer will be introduced as a method to help us “rest in God” We will experience two […]

2023 July E-bulletin

“One advantage that Centering Prayer offers is that it establishes the letting go of self, the total sacrifice of ourselves, as the orientation and direction that grows along with our relationship with God. But, sacrifice in this world is not like it is in Heaven. It can be very difficult, very painful, even unbearable at […]

June e-bulletin

Nicholas Roerich, Behest of the Sky, 1915   “Suppose you’re in mythic membership consciousness and totally absorbed in your particular belief system. Remember belief systems are the effort of people who haven’t had the experience to explain the founder’s experience of the Ultimate Reality. Most religions begin by some gigantic experience of someone or some group of […]

May e-bulletin

Om Lotus Tibetan Mandala, hand painted in Kathmandu, Nepal “The Word of God, named Jesus (Savior) by divine command, was active before the incarnation. The Word and its activity is not limited by the historical reality of the man Jesus, whose humanity it possessed. The Eternal Word may have manifested in other persons, such as Krishna, […]

Upcoming retreats 2023

Centering Prayer Retreats – Contemplative Outreach Dublin 2023 Mercy International Centre, Baggot Street, Dubin Sunday – Friday, August 20 – 25, 2023 SILENT CENTERING PRAYER RETREAT This five-day retreat will provide a contemplative space to centre yourself in prayer and explore a call to deeper listening. This silent method of meditation will lead participants on […]

April e-bulletin

Vela Zanetti, Mural of Human Rights. Emblem Un (detail), 1953            Seekers are people of faith even if they do not belong to a particular religion. Faith in this sense is deeper than one’s belief system. Belief systems belong to the level of pluralism; faith to the level of unity. Faith is constitutive of human […]

2023 February e-bulletin

Hilma af Klint, What a Human Being Is, 1910   “Bonding with others takes place as the love of the Spirit is poured forth in our hearts. We feel that we belong to our community, to the human family, to the cosmos. We feel that our prayer is not just a privatized journey but is […]

December e-Bulletin

The Helix Nebula, NASA and Tommaso Stella   “God is manifesting in each moment as the human condition in each of us. … ‘We are icons of God.’ God experiences Godself in us and awakens God’s dispositions in us, especially humility, forgiveness and compassion. … “Christ lives in us means that Christ prays, acts, thinks, loves, […]