2023 February e-bulletin

Hilma af Klint, What a Human Being Is, 1910


“Bonding with others takes place as the love of the Spirit is poured forth in our hearts. We feel that we belong to our community, to the human family, to the cosmos. We feel that our prayer is not just a privatized journey but is having a significant effect in the world. We can pour into the world the love that the Spirit gives us in prayer.”

Thomas Keating
Intimacy with God


Q: I’ve been practicing Zen meditation with a Christian group for 18 years. What is your view with respect to how Zen contemplation relates to Centering Prayer? The principles seem to be very similar. I ask because I’m trying to figure out the best next step for me to continue deepening in my contemplative prayer life. 

A: Read Joy’s response here





Join in Global Community
United in Prayer Day
March 3-4, 2023


In honor of Thomas Keating’s birthday (March 7) and dedicated to healing the suffering world.

Join in Centering Prayer in community hosted by local groups around the world. You may enter and leave as many times as you wish. Some people make it an at-home retreat day.

More information may be found here on the calendar, including the schedule.

The Zoom link to the event will be posted on the calendar
early in March.

If you are interested in facilitating prayer for an open time slot, please reply to this email.


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