July e-bulletin

Our ultimate goal is to integrate the active and contemplative dimensions of reality within us and around us, which some mystics call ever-present awareness, enlightenment, or waking up.  To handle the details of living a human life without being distracted from this primary vision is not attained through thinking, but through what might be called the practice of just being. To take time just to be, which is to do nothing but be in God’s presence for a regular period of time every day seems to be the shortest access to the mystery that is beyond any conceptual consideration.”

 Thomas Keating,


    Monkey Mind on Steroids


 Q: I have been doing Centering Prayer for about 7 years, and I have changed in positive ways … so I know it’s “working” in some     way. However I have never gotten to the place where I’m really “centered.” My monkey mind is virtually always on steroids. I have  never been diagnosed, but I’m pretty sure I would qualify as having ADHD. Are there any tricks or methods beyond using the sacred word, over and over, that are found to be helpful for one with ADHD?

 A: Read Joy’s response here.




  Tears During Centering Prayer

 Q: I have been practicing Centering Prayer off and on for several years, last year almost everyday.  I have recently been experiencing tears/crying for no apparent reason.  Please advise.

 A: Read Lindsay’s response here


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