June e-bulletin

“Over the next two weeks, Thomas spent most of the time either asleep or apparently engaged in another world, from which he would occasionally emerge with edifying pronouncements. For instance, I was present to hear him say, ‘I am what I am, and I’m finding out what that is.’ Another time the words were unspoken; as I was leaving his room one evening, I heard his voice and turned to see him still sleeping. But in my head I clearly heard him say, ‘Without death, there can be no life.’ ”

 —Ted Jones, writing about his experience in keeping vigil during Thomas Keating’s dying process, June 2021 newsletter





Background Noise


Q: When doing my Centering Prayer and after settling in to “find my sweet spot” I find that despite the quiet of prayer, there always seems to be noise in the background , like someone has a radio or TV on. It sounds like static background noise. Can you help explain what this is?

A: Read Fr. Carl’s response here


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The 2021 June newsletter is now available here, including articles from Ted Jones (Fr. Thomas’ nephew), an unpublished conversation with Thomas

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