June e-bulletin

Nicholas Roerich, Behest of the Sky, 1915


“Suppose you’re in mythic membership consciousness and totally absorbed in your particular belief system. Remember belief systems are the effort of people who haven’t had the experience to explain the founder’s experience of the Ultimate Reality. Most religions begin by some gigantic experience of someone or some group of people and then after a generation the others—the disciples or the students—try to put it in writing in order to preserve it. Actually, they’re at high risk of ruining it because they’ll put down their perspective of the experience which is likely to be not quite the same as the person who had it first. But that doesn’t mean that religion doesn’t continue to evolve, but it has limitations. So to treat it as the last word on every subject is to misunderstand its purpose … 

Thomas Keating
Gifts for Living video excerpt


Q: I’m a practitioner of “A Course in Miracles” and other non-religious pathways. Can I or anyone that is not a traditional Christian practice Centering Prayer? Is Centering Prayer for anyone who has a sincere desire to find God regardless of their tradition or non-tradition?

A: Read Lindsay’s response here.      







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