May e-bulletin

Om Lotus Tibetan Mandala, hand painted in Kathmandu, Nepal
The Word of God, named Jesus (Savior) by divine command, was active before the incarnation. The Word and its activity is not limited by the historical reality of the man Jesus, whose humanity it possessed. The Eternal Word may have manifested in other persons, such as Krishna, Laozi, Buddha, Muhammad, and in the teachings of the Absolute in Buddhism, the Upanishads, Advaita Vedanta, and other experiences of the divine. These were channels of bringing Divine Love into the world.”

Thomas Keating
Reflections on The Unknowable


Q: I’ve been practising Centering Prayer for many years now and I still get very distracted and my mind is very busy and I rarely feel rested at the end. I realise that feeling peaceful is not the ultimate goal but I’m wondering if others feel the same way. I feel discouraged at times to continue and I don’t always keep to the same mantra. Can you offer any thoughts to encourage me to continue?

A: Read Leslee’s response here.


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