May e-bulletin

“In oneness, there is not more or less; there is only oneness. … One-ing … is always happening. God is not an object or noun as we understand those terms. God just is, is, is. One-ing is to be, to live, and to act. … That God’s will may ‘be done, on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10) is Jesus’ personal prayer for the full development of human consciousness. Hence, he has taught us to ask and prepare for the actualization of this grace and for the awakening of contemplation, which is the normal means to experience it.”
 —Thomas Keating, 
Reflections on the Unknowable

The Unitive Way: Seeing Creation from God’s Perspective

by George R. Gerardi

… I have learned that true knowledge seems to come to me through a combination of learning in the classical sense, personal experience, in addition to a practice of prayer that opens me up to hear the knowledge that is imparted at ever deepening levels. Recently, while continuing a daily practice of Centering Prayer, I have been simultaneously drawn to the very concrete problem of climate change. In late fall of 2021, Hurricane Sandy, which killed 233 people across eight counties, hit us hard with devastating results in Long Beach, New York. …  Read more>


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