This is a fresh look at essential Christian belief. It clears away obstacles to faith arising out of false assumptions, misconceptions of the Divine, outdated theology and inadequate views of Scripture and of morality. The basic image taken is that of Jesus calling Lazarus from the tomb and ordering him to be unbound so that he can renew his life. This book is for religious education teachers, parents, spiritual directors and parish groups.

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This audio CD is a very fine production which is both aimed at those who are beginners and advanced in Centering Prayer.

It’s rare to have three Contemplative practices all on one double CD. We hope that you are Blessed on your Spiritual Journey accompanied by  Sr Fionnuala and Br Denis.

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With Denis Gleeson cfc and Fionnuala Quinn OP. Contemplative Outreach Dublin.


“Open Heart Open Mind, The Contemplative Dimension of the Gospel” by Thomas Keating (New York Continuum 2006, first published 1986) A deep and thorough overview of the Christian contemplative Tradition, a process of interior transformation, a conversation initiated by God and leading, if we consent, to divine union.


“Invitation to Love, The Way of Christian Contemplation”

(New York Continuum 2006, first published 1992)
The stages of the spiritual journey, the ‘Four Consents’ of life, and the Beatitudes from a contemplative perspective.

“The Mystery of Christ, The Liturgy as Spiritual Experience”
(New York Continuum 1997, first published 1987)
An exposition of the contemplative dimension of the liturgy, the liturgical feasts of the year and the Eucharist.

“Divine Therapy and Addiction, Centering Prayer and The Twelve Steps”
(New York Lantern Books 2009)
Based on interviews with Fr. Thomas and Tom S.: Reflections on the wisdom and legacy of the Alcoholics Anonymous Twelve Steps Method and its connections to Centering Prayer and divine transformation.

“Manifesting God”
(New York Lantern Books 2005)
Commentaries on Divine Therapy; the process of purification, the stages of contemplative prayer and ‘The Most Excellent Path’.

“The Cloud of Unknowing”
(Classic 14th Century text upon which Centering Prayer is based)

“Open Heart Open Mind”
by Thomas Keating (Continuum Publishing)
a modern classic. There are also other works by Thomas Keating.

“Centering Prayer and Inner Awakening” by Cynthia Bourgeault (Cowley Publications)
An excellent book.

“Centering Prayer and the Healing of the Unconscious” by Murchadh O’ Madagáin (Lantern Books)
A recent academic work.

“Praying Our Experiences” Joseph F. Schmidt (Saint Mary’s Press)
A beautiful little book on prayer in everyday life.

“The Practice of Prayer” Margaret Guenther (Cowley Publications)
A very useful and readable overview of many different approaches to prayer.