February e-bulletin from Contemplative Outreach

Posted on February 26, 2019 by Peter Donnelly
Surrender to the unknown marks the great transitions of the spiritual journey.
On the brink of each breakthrough there is a crisis of trust and of love.

Fr. Thomas Keating, The Better Part

2019 United in Prayer Day
Saturday March 16, 2019 
Celebrating the gifts of Spiritual Journey:
The gift of Fr Thomas and the gifts of Centering Prayer
  You can celebrate this 27th annual worldwide day of prayer in theseways:
Attend a local group retreat
Check these local websites for event information. 
Here is a sample schedule to assist planning for a group retreat.
Download Group Schedule
Organize your own in-home retreat. 
Here is a sample schedule to assist planning for an individual retreat.
Download Schedule
A 24-hour, worldwide silent prayer vigil will be hosted on March 15-16.
All are welcome to sign-up for 30-minute prayer periods, either as individuals or in groups.  Online sign-up here

You can read read the full e-bulletin here