In the experience of silence, especially if it is deep, you may experience at times a certain pure awareness. Even if it is brief, you are in contact with That Which Is, and this Reality is obviously in love with you.

 Thomas Keating
God is Love: The Heart of All Creation


Thoughts about Thoughts
by Eben Carsey
Boulder, Colorado, USA

 … My capacity for ever-so-gently responding to thoughts is influenced by my attitude toward them and ways in which I understand them. … 

To bless them does not necessarily mean to approve them, and it does not require engaging with them, examining them, nor controlling them.  Blessing them involves a gentle attentiveness to them, recognizes God’s presence in them, and releasing attachment to them, letting them go to be in God. Read more >>

image: Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night, 1889

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