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July e-bulletin

July 2020 “God’s activity is the work of the Holy Spirit in your particular embodiment in this world …  We are pleading for the supreme gift of the Spirit simply by consenting to God’s will and action.” Thomas Keating,  Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit   Highlighted Online Retreats and Events Welcoming Prayer Sessions on Zoom: […]

June E-bulletin

  “… Through contemplative prayer we come under the influence of the Spirit both in prayer and action. Then action is truly prayer.” Thomas Keating, Mystery of Christ   Voices of the Community     Centering Prayer as a Path of Return By Colleen Thomas   … I came to my Centering Prayer practice in my mid-20’s […]

Our Voices United : To the global community of Contemplative Outreach:   

  To the global community of Contemplative Outreach:                                                  “To be in the kingdom is to participate in God’s solidarity with the poor by sharing with them the good things that have been given to us.  In the New Testament the great sin is to be deaf to the cry of the poor whether that […]

Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer Retreat via Zoom

Ennismore Retreat Centre, Montenotte, Cork 5 day retreat Lectio Divina and Centering Prayer Monday June 29 – Friday July 3, 2020 15 participants using the Zoom platform   This retreat offers an in depth introduction to the Monastic form of Lectio Divina as a contemplative process of transformation and its relationship with Centering Prayer. The […]

May E-Bulletin

May 2020 “Silence is not just silence or emptiness or nothingness but … the best preparation there is because then there’s no obstacle. And God’s love – since it’s so pervasive – just comes in, like the weather, and like it fills any empty space.” Thomas Keating, God is Love,The Heart of All Creation   […]

E-bulletin from Contemplative Outreach April 2020

April 2020 “God is totally committed to the transformation of each of us into Godself.” Thomas Keating, From the Mind to the Heart “Oneness: The Secret Embrace” Zoom Video Conference with Cynthia Bourgeault April 30 – May 2, 2020  Free and open to all (suggested donation of $35 USD)Offered in partnership with Contemplative Outreach of South […]

Oneness: The Secret Embrace Thomas Keating’s final gift to the world.Global Zoom Conference featuring Cynthia Bourgeault

Oneness:  The Secret Embrace Thomas Keating’s final gift to the world April 30 – May 2, 2020 Cynthia Bourgeault will unpack Thomas Keating’s emerging final vision of Oneness. He saw it as a state of consciousness/selfhood, oneness among the religions and oneness in our fragile and embattled world. Paul calls this becoming a “New Creation”. Just by living and growing in […]

Special e-bulletin March

March 2020 “The concerns, distractions, achievements, ambitions, and other human activities are often monumental, awesome, and frightening. And yet, compared to God’s plan, they are nothing at all. The contemplative vision perceives God even in the midst of disaster, turmoil, or personal failure. It never loses hope because its hope is not based on human […]