May E-Bulletin

May 2020

“Silence is not just silence or emptiness or nothingness but … the best preparation there is because then there’s no obstacle. And God’s love – since it’s so pervasive – just comes in, like the weather, and like it fills any empty space.”

Thomas Keating, God is Love,The Heart of All Creation


  A Borderless Practice:
  The Interspiritual Invitation of Centering Prayer

  By Keith Kristich




 In the weekly Centering group I have led for the last seven years, it has been my joy to find conservatives and progressives,   Evangelicals,  Catholics, Episcopalians, and fundamentalists gathered in union to open to the mystery of God. It has also been my joy to    welcome practitioners of Buddhism, spiritual seekers, and in particular, two close friends of the Jewish faith.
But how does such a diverse group of people come together in union when there are so many distinctions and differences of thought and mind? Because Centering Prayer is “non-conceptual”, during our twenty minute silent sit, we don’t cling to our cherished concepts and beliefs about God, but rather sink into the naked and immediate heart of God as the Ultimate Mystery, always just outside the reach of the mind’s grasp. Read more>



Lectio Divina in Moments of Crisis
with Leslee Terpay

Q: How can Lectio Divina help us during this time of Covid-19?

Read Leslee’s response here.


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