February E-bulletin

There is something very simple about God. Simple like a child’s laughter that breaks forth, spontaneously, without guile. Simple like when you act, immediately and directly, to help someone who falls in front of you. … God is simple like the way every moment of time, in its ordinariness, holds the gift of your life — like this moment now.

Entering into a simple contemplative practice and remaining with its simplicity awakens you to God’s simplicity. When you simplify your mind’s actions in Centering Prayer, you reduce them from many to one. In contemplation, your many thoughts and strategies of finding truth, of seeking God, of discovering what your own life is about, are simplified into truth itself, into God, into life itself. In the clear, immediate, unadorned moment of life, God just is. 

 David Frenette
The Path of Centering Prayer: Deepening Your Experience of God



Q: I have a question about charisma –  I heard it can be a gift of the Spirit but I also know it can be a serious ego trap (a certain guru with a fleet of luxury limousines comes to mind). What kind of energy is there behind charisma? Is it a gift or a curse? It seems to me that Fr. Keating had a bit of a struggle on that front at the time he was an abbot. 
A: Read Cynthia’s response here.






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