June E-bulletin


“… Through contemplative prayer we come under the influence of the Spirit
both in prayer and action. Then action is truly prayer.”

Thomas Keating, Mystery of Christ


Voices of the Community


Centering Prayer as a Path of Return
By Colleen Thomas

… I came to my Centering Prayer practice in my mid-20’s around the same time that I joined a 12-step program for compulsive overeating. In the years between childhood and adulthood, what began as a retreat to my imaginary creative worlds, became an escape route from all of the angst and pain of childhood wounds. And so I entered into the practice of Centering Prayer a self-professed full-fledged escape artist. Over time, I found a new shelter in my contemplative spiritual practice: It provided me the same space for stillness, silence and solitude than writing, but with a more life giving practice of “letting go” which  challenged my  habitual coping mechanism of escape. Read More>


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