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The Second Consent of Centering Prayer: Interior Silence )

” … [This is a] movement beyond the ordinary realms of thinking and judging and commenting and reflecting, and if all the other thoughts dissolve there still is the thought that I have no thoughts. So, the ‘I’ thought is the last bastion of the ego self. … So … the interior silence is capable of changing as practice deepens and it changes by becoming deeper so that at some point in that second consent to interior silence one morphs into presence …”

Thomas Keating
“The Second Consent of Centering Prayer: Interior Silence”

(You can find the English and Spanish transcripts of this segment here. This segment is part of the weekly series shared on the home page of the website.)

October 25 is the fifth anniversary of Fr. Thomas’ death.




Some useful  YouTube links

The Contemplative Outreach YouTube channel offers a treasure of free videos of shorter and longer lengths. 

Recently added: 

In this month of October, when we remember that five years ago Fr. Thomas and Abbot Joseph Boyle passed on, their talks from the 2006 Annual Conference are now on YouTube. Transformative Listening is the topic:

The Dimensions of Listening, Abbot Joseph Boyle (29 minutes)

The Consequences of Listening: Thomas Keating on his “Encounter Group” Experience in the Sixties (17 minutes and quite funny at times!)

Panel Discussion; Gail Fitzpatrick Hopler, Thomas Keating, Joseph Boyle (23 minutes)


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