April E-bulletin.


“To be totally open and willing to receive the fullness of the Spirit is the proper disposition for transformation. What is important at this point is not our self-initiated activity, but our humility based on our having tasted to the depths the lack of integrity and the possibility of all evil that is inherent in the freedom of choice of our human nature as well as its capacity to receive God. We receive the Spirit in the degree that we have been divested of the false self and have allowed it to die with Christ. Now we are ready to rise with Christ with all the attributes that are present in the divine human being and through the Holy Spirit to live ordinary life in a divine way, thus manifesting [God] in all our actions and relationships.”

 —Thomas Keating, 
The Gift of Life: Death & Dying, Life & Living
A Conversation with Thomas Keating and Carl J. Arico




Odilon Redon, Silence, 1900
A Meditation on Centering Prayer and Poverty of Spirit
by Sydney Orr
“Fr. Keating recommends studying the beatitudes.  The beatitudes, especially poverty of spirit, seem to stand out in the heart of his writing.  It seems to me I can take satisfaction in my gifts, even the gift of Centering Prayer, and it needs a poverty of spirit.  This poverty is like learning to be without regards to myself or with self-reflection. This poverty is like having an identity that is not concerned about my self-worth. ..”  Read more>


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