October e-bulletin

“God has made all kinds of creatures. A flower turns its face to the sun, and if it could speak, would say, ‘Here I am.’ Just being a flower is the glory that it gives God. But a human being is made differently … What distinguishes us from the rest of material creation is freedom. It is when, with our capacity for acting freely, we turn to God and say, ‘Here I am,’ that we begin to glorify our Creator.

“At the same time, it is not enough to have transcendent experiences. We have to translate those experiences into daily life and into our humdrum routine. We have to bring all our faculties into harmony with higher states of consciousness and express that knowledge in human terms, in the dusts of this world.”

– Thomas Keating,
The Heart of the World: An Introduction to Christian Contemplation



I will set a table
For my soul
Among the trees
Quiet, I will wait
Beneath a canopy of leaves
Let stillness be the table
Let silence be the cloth
Let sunlight be the service, gleaming
My seat a bed of moss
I will set a table
For my soul
Out in the wild
Calling her to come
And play, as if she were a child
Let soft winds be the music
Let flowers be the dance
Let butterflies be our hearts, weaving
Patterns out of chance
I will set a table
For my soul
In forest glade
Inviting her to rest
And feast, on Bread no hands have made
Let wonder be the blessing
Let laughter be the prayer
Let forgiveness be our cup, healing
And let Love be the fare
I will set a table
For my soul
Where woods are deep

And wide enough for two
Or more, so you can sit by me





– Nichole Q. Perreault, Connecticut, USA
a poem birthed out of her daily Centering Prayer group

image: Irene Hoff, Inner Knowing


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